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Have you been searching for where to get the very best of pet foods online? Then bring your search to an end as we have all that you need at very affordable prices. We don’t just love pets, we believe they are part of the family and as such their nourishment is very important, this is why we are passionate and committed to supplying quality pet foods available to you. As an online retailer of Husse Pet Foods, we are proud to deliver the best Husse Cat Foods, Wet Cat Foods, Wet Dog Foods, Husse Dry Dog Foods and many other forms of pet foods from the quality brand Husse. Husse Pets are the foremost suppliers of sort after pet foods, ranging from dog foods, cat foods, to meet all your pet nutritional requirements. With husse wet cat foods, husse wet foods for dogs, or husse dry foods for dogs and cats, you can be sure of pet foods made from the finest ingredients, fresh and healthy meat chunks to ensure that your pet, whether a cat and dog are not just properly fed but adequately nourished. That’s not all we have the most friendly and professional customer care agents who are committed to attending to your enquires as you use our online platform to meet your pet’s need for quality food. They will help you out with your decision-making process when you are greeted with the plethora of pet foods on our catalog. Also here at Pet World 365 “Husse Pet food retailer”, our payment channels are well encrypted and one of the safest in the industry, so you don’t need to bother as you place your order with your cards, your financial details remain confidential and disclosed to no one. Don’t hesitate, contact us today to buy best husse cat foods and best husse dog foods online. The delivery services which Husse Pet Foods offer are second to none; they deliver promptly within the record time of 3-5 Business / working days. Delivering direct to your door. As an online retailer of Husse Pet Food we are able to serve customers and their loved pets within England and Scotland.

Nothing is so fulfilling as seeing our pet-loving customers satisfied and happy with the range of husse cat foods which are available through our online pet store, it keeps us on our toes, propels and inspires us to do even more. So, if you want the very best of husse cat foods online, be assured that we have you covered. Below are the different categories of husse cat foods which are on offer through Pet World 365.


Thinking of the best wet foods for cats? Then think husse wet cat foods. With the idea that cats are obligate carnivores, in the wild, they obtain fluid from the animals they kill, but since they are pets, and as a pet lover, there must be a way to give them fluidly food for their healthy metabolism. Against this background, Husse has developed wet foods to make this possible on a daily basis. Husse wet foods for cats are usually canned, produced mainly from fish, meat, they are specially formulated to meet their nutritional requirements for vitamins A & C, omega-3-oils, etc. There are also dry foods that must be mixed with water for easy absorption of the foods as well as nutrients into the bloodstream of the cats. Husse wet foods for cats include hypo allergy foods, Aptit chicken cat foods, Aptit Tuna cat foods, Gourmet chicken and many more all available at affordable prices. Husse wet cat foods come highly recommended by experts. They are available for different groups of cats at different stages of life, which includes the following:
Kittens: Husse wet foods are the best wet cat food online, as they are not just high in proteins, they have that is required for a kitten to grow properly.
Adult cats: Do you have a grown cat? Then husse wet cat foods, available in premium and super premium packs to ensure that all that is needed for their lifestyle as adult cats are included.
Senior cats: Husse wet cat foods for senior cats are designed to contain low fat, very light with all nutrients, just as aging humans need assistance so also a senior cat need assistance need and the right kind of wet food is a good place to start.

To cap it all, these foods are processed using high standards procedures such that the natural taste and the nutritional value are not affected. Husse Pet Foods, as a leading retail store that you can trust, has in stock the best husse dog foods at a very affordable price to satisfy its customers. So if you are thinking of where to buy husse dog foods online, this is the right place, you can be sure that your dogs will really love you as they are lots of nutritional benefits for them when they are fed with husse dog foods. Husse dog foods have great natural taste free from artificial flavor enhancers, which dogs enjoy with great relish. At Husse Pet Foods, these foods are available in different forms as well as different recipes. Sometimes, choosing between wet foods and dry foods can be confusing for pet owners, for us at Husse Pet Foods, we believe it is about what your dog prefers, as both forms have almost the same nutritional composition. Some would prefer their foods to be in a wet form, others will cherish dry foods, while others will want an appetizing blend of both wet and dry foods. Regardless of the preference of your dogs, we have you covered as we always have in stock the very best husse dry foods for dogs and husse wet foods for dogs. HUSSE DRY DOG FOODS You can never go wrong with Husse dry foods for dogs in our stock; they are the very best dry dog foods online. Husse dry foods are highly nutritious; your dogs are in for a good treat whenever they are being fed with these products. These are available in different formulations to meet the different age categories your dogs could fall into such as; Puppy Dry foods Whether your pets are of the small breed, medium breed, giant breed or even hypoallergenic breed, we have in stock Husse dry foods like Valp Digest Puppy, 2kg Trial for Puppies, Valp Puppy (chicken based), are formulated with the finest, highly nutritious ingredients to keep your pets well-nourished and healthy.


You can always count on us for the best Husse wet foods for dogs online. We have in stock fresh wet foods directly from Husse’s plant, they are tasty, well packaged formulated for dogs of different ages either puppies, adults or senior dogs. That’s not all if your pets love variety, then we got you covered, as we have husse wet foods available in different recipes. Below are the best Husse Dog Wet Foods for you.
- Kalv (Chunks in gravy) Formulated for adult pet dogs. It is made from fresh meat chunks, oven cooked and well packaged; your adult dogs will really love its great taste.
- Light Veal (Chunks in gravy) This Light meaty chunks formula is a tasty oven-cooked veal chunks for older dogs as well as dogs with weight problems.
- Junior (Pâté) This is made from carefully selected ingredients like fresh meat, medicinal herbs like ginseng and very good for dogs that are still growing.
- Husse Adult (Pâté) Made from beef, pineapple, and ginseng, Adult pate is just perfect for healthy adult dogs with normal activity levels.
- Husse Senior (Pâté) If your pet dogs are older and have weight issues, then this formula is just perfect, they are highly supplemented with medicinal herbs with great nutritional and medicinal benefits.

You are guaranteed FREE delivery once your order is £25 or more. So what are you waiting for, get on board and get the best!


If you have a cat as a pet, regardless of the breed, you can trust Husse Pet Foods as the best online cat foods retail shop. These pet foods for cats are just the best and very healthy for cats as they are made from Premium quality ingredients and absolutely free from genetically modified raw materials. These ingredients can also be consumed by humans so you have no worries of poisoning. They are highly supplemented with nutraceuticals, and if you are wary of your cat having allergies, then you can buy husse cat foods that are gluten and wheat free. Storage of these pets’ foods is not a problem as they are properly packaged and free from all sort of preservatives and chemicals. Apart from its top quality, it is very tasty, you can be sure that your cat will always look forward to mealtime with these great award-winning formulas from the staples of Husse and also recommended by animal nutrition experts as well as veterinarians. Cat foods are available in different forms ranging from husse dry cat foods to husse wet foods for cats that are formulated for the nutritional demands of cats of different ages and developmental stages. Take advantage of the various recipes available in our stock range and buy the best cat foods online, whether it is the Game, Fish pates & Gourmet options, Gravy or even Tuna and Chicken recipes, you can be sure to bond very well with your cat as you feed her, because they will sure love you for any of these of great meals. However, it is not all about what Husse say, customers of this brand re-echo these claims, as they express their satisfaction on product review platforms, dropping positive feedbacks with 5-star ratings for almost 90% of the reviews.


When it comes to the best dry foods for cats, Husse dry cats foods stand out, they are made from the finest, carefully selected materials and they are also formulated to boost the bones and muscular strength of your cats. With husse dry foods for cats, your pets are less likely to develop periodontal diseases. These dry foods are nutritionally balanced; storage is not a problem, since they last longer, least susceptible to microbial action. Some of these dry foods for cats from Husse includes Adults Cat Dry Food, Kitten Dry Food, Premium Dry Food, Senior Cat Dry Food, specific need dry food and a host of others. Based on their experience from years of research, Husse has been able to formulate different highly digestible dry cat foods for different developmental stages of cats which include the kittens, the adult cats, and the senior cats. Our customers don’t just benefit from our cheap cat foods; they also have access to our animal nutrition experts’ professional advice as well as free delivery of the order above £25, if you are within England and Scotland.


Dogs are omnivores and are quite different from cats in their nutritional requirements; they have an interesting digestive system that allows them to consume proteins from animal sources as well as a very low quantity of proteins from plants sources. Husse as a pet-friendly brand, bearing in mind the unique nutritional requirements of dogs has formulated via scientific research dog foods using human grade ingredients. These ingredients are not genetically modified; they are free from any chemical additives or preservatives. They are also very digestible and can be readily metabolized to provide the required energy needed by your pets. Also, Husse Dog Foods are very rich minerals like phosphorous and calcium for stronger bones and teeth as well as other minerals such as chlorine, selenium, sodium, iron which is necessary for proper functioning of the hormones, enzymes and other important organs in the body. When you feed your pets with husse dog foods, your pets are sure to obtain the right amount of vitamins, hence there won’t be the need for any vitamin supplement.

Adult Dog Dry Foods

Under this category, we have a range of products to meet the nutritional needs of your adult dog pets. These products include hypoallergenic gluten-free Optimal sensitive formula, Low-fat hypoallergenic wheat free Light Sensitive Formula for dry foods, Tasty Hypoallergenic Digest, Giant Dog Dry Formula, High Energy Optimal Mini Chicken based formula.

Senior Husse Dog Dry Foods:

- Husse Light sensitive formula made from chicken and rice, it is designed for hypoallergenic senior dogs that are less active or overweight.
- It is gluten and wheat free.
- Husse Senior Chicken based formula: This is enriched with additional vitamins to ensure that senior dog pets’ aging process is delayed. It also contains taurine, glucosamine for strong joints.
Specific Needs It does not matter if your dog has special needs like an allergy to grain foods, hypoallergenic, obese or has a sensitive digestive system, here, there is something for you. - Husse Opus Ocean: Perfect for dogs with allergies or very sensitive digestive system. It is a very tasty and gluten-free formula made from salmon and potatoes, containing lots of nutrients and proteins. - Husse Opus Farm: Grain and gluten-free formula made from chicken and potatoes, very tasty dog dry food and also good for dogs with a very sensitive digestive system. - Husse Digest Giant: This formula is a blend of lamb, salmon, and rice, it is highly nutritious but wheat and gluten free. It is formulated for pet dogs of a giant breed, containing chondroitin, glucosamine for joint health and prevention of allergic reactions. Remember you don’t just benefit from this range of cheap dog foods, you will also have access to one of Husse’s animal nutrition experts’ professional advice as well as free delivery on orders of 25.00 if you are within England and Scotland. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and we will make your pet happy!